Hey, I’m Jason or otherwise known as “BetterBody90” or at least that’s how I got started back in Dec 2008 when I happened across this “Beachbody Coach” thing on accident. In fact, I was already about 2 weeks into the P90X workout.

I was searching for other people just like me who were sharing their journey online. It just so happens that I landed on a blog, much like this, that forever changed my world.

There was a button that said “Be a Coach” and it opened the doorway to this opportunity that I will share with you. You are likely here because you are already in some way researching the Team Beachbody Coach opportunity.

You are trying to figure out if this is real and if it’s something that you could do in your life. Both of which I believe the answer to be, “Yes”.

However, it all depends on the effort you are willing and able to invest. We will get more into that later but just know that this is not a job. The reason this has worked for me is because on my passion for the Beachbody products.

If you believe in what you do and do what you believe then when people come to ask questions you don’t have to sell a thing. It’s all about walking the walk and then sharing the journey. That is how I was introduced to this opportunity.

And that’s exactly how I will do the same for you. Whether you take this or not is up to you. But I’ve put together all 7 years worth of knowledge, experiences, and failures into a 5 days series for you. As a Coach it is my mission to make sure each person that pursues this opportunity has all they need before taking the leap.

I used to be a server at Red Robin, I used to be over $30,000 in debt, and I use to be stuck pay-to-paycheck trying to scrape by. This opportunity helped me take control of life my again through health and fitness. Then I was able to take that passion and turn it into a sharing business with the Coach opportunity.

That allowed me to earn financial freedom which allowed me to pay off all of my debts and make investments. In 2015 I made my biggest life-change yet and was able to buy a home, no co signers. This was a HUGE victory as 10 years ago my credit was absolutely destroyed.

My mission now is to own in full my house by age 35. I am 31 now as I type this.

Time to get to work.

Do you have a big scary goal? You better! This is your Coach speaking!

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