Digging Deeper LIVE With Shaun T

Attending a LIVE Beachbody event will completely rejuvenate your passion as a Team Beachbody Coach (Plus in my case in the above picture – these LIVE events may just help you Dig a little Deeper). That’s why one step in the 90-days to Diamond involves “Attend a local Beachbody event”.

This is VERY important to hear whether you are an existing coach on Team Allegiance, a Coach on another Team, or even just reading this post as part of your due diligence BEFORE becoming a coach.

If there is one crucial piece to the puzzle of success as a Beachbody Coach it is getting out and interacting with other Coaches (It doesn’t matter what Team they are on).

Just a few things you may come across at a Beachbody event:

  • An intense burning desire to build your business
  • New life-long friends
  • New business building strategies
  • Alternative perspectives, tips, and mingle with Top Earners

To many times have I heard stories from the Top Earners of this opportunity which all sound eerily similar. They usually start with something like this…

“I was sorta of doing my business until I attended Insert some sort of LIVE Game Plan Training event or the Summit IN PERSON Then my business started to explode...”

Usually they are something to that effect. What I hope for you to take away today is the desire to get active with your local area events.

One of the AMAZING things about being part of a close and growing Team is the ability to meet up at these events!

As an example: last night (June 6th, 2011) Team Allegiance Members Wendy Santiago, Jeff Rubinoff, and Jason Croxford attended the Fort Lauderdale, FL Shaun T event.

Plus Beachbody’s largest annual event, The Summit, begins in a little less than 2 weeks! With 2500+ Coaches attending it is sure to be Life Changing.

So how do you know when the next event is coming to your area? If you are currently a Beachbody Coach then one of the best places to look is in your Back Office under the Breaking News (as shown in the picture on the right)

If you are NOT a Beachbody Coach yet and have been researching this opportunity then you should do the following step. Click Getting Started on the navigation bar. Then just follow the video instructions from there!