A Beachbody Coach Explanation In Simple Terms

It’s as easy as this: Beachbody Coaches are simply customers who have used and continue to use Beachbody fitness products whether they are nutritional products or workout programs like P90X, Shaun T insanity or for that matter, Shakeology.

These customers join with a title and rank of “Coach”. Basically through using the programs and achieving results, though not required, and helping others do the same these coaches have the potential to earn an income.

There are multiple ranks to climb which in turn add more to the commission structure in ways to earn. As a Coach builds their team by personally sponsoring new coaches they will have the ability to earn team bonuses. So a Coach has more and more potential to earn the more effective their team becomes.

With that in mind it’s easy to see how team work comes into play. To create a long term business it is highly suggested the team work together, attend local live events, and conduct house parties on a regular basis. This will ensure momentum and positive energy in the team and this will potentially lead to greater successes.

To sum it up: an Independent Beachbody Coach is simply a customer who wishes to team up and share their story with all they can reach. The more exposure a coach can generate, online or off, the greater their chance for success.

A Coach earns through retail sales like P90X, Shaun T Insanity, and Shakeology; plus when the coach actively grows their team and personally sponsors new coaches in their organization they will have the ability to earn team and company bonuses.