Team Challenge July 1st - August 31st

Let the games begin! Team Allegiance officially has 4 Teams in the running for Team Beachbody’s Team Challenge! Pitting small and powerful groups of 5 against other Teams all based on using the simple philosophy of the ‘Sharing Cycle’  and Success Club as the main focus… Brilliant!

For some, it’s about winning the challenge, for others it’s about moving at a faster pace to accomplish Success Club each month. For all, it’s about taking the RIGHT STEPS to building your LONG TERM Beachbody business.

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Team ‘TrendEnders’

  • Jason Croxford (Team Leader)
  • Barbie Figueroa
  • Lisa Torres
  • Thommy Schmidt
  • Wendy Santiago

Team ‘Dominate!’

  • Charles Leslie (Team Leader)
  • Nia Phommavong
  • Sherry Inman
  • Elivin Mendez
  • Rudy Alvarez

Team ‘GoGetters’

  • Jeff Rubinoff (Team Leader)
  • Jessica Ann Bianco
  • Anthony M DiPalma
  • Christine Canup
  • Kenric Rush

Team ‘Awesome’

  • Cody Messinger (Team Leader)
  • Chris Brown
  • Keith Raymond
  • Jeanine Jensen
  • Tiffany Phillips

Building your Team Beachbody Coach business does not have to be all work and no play. In fact, if your business ever gets to that point then maybe you should reconsider your priorities. Team Allegiance coaches are successful because they LEAD with PASSION first. They share their story which in turn empower others to do the same!

We are a Team looking to connect, to share, to learn, and to grow together.

If you feel you are ready for this opportunity right now DO NOT sign up yet! Use the form below and share more about you and your goals. What would you like to achieve as a Beachbody Coach? What program or supplements are you using or do you plan to use? What would being successful as a Beachbody Coach mean to you?

Team Allegiance is committed to sharing a greater message of health, wellness, and for some like you; helping others find a way to pay it forward and create an income at the same time. We want to make sure you are ready first and that you are right for the team.

Send a message and we will reply back within 24-48 hours to let you know if you are a fit for this Team.

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