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In May 2010 Team Allegiance was nothing but a spark. The growth that has been seen throughout just 1 year has been absolutely breathtaking. It’s incredible the thought that a simple idea, a simple spark, can blaze into an unstoppable wild fire.

Last year at the Team Beachbody Summit the founders of Team Allegiance attended and remained in awe the entire weekend. Charles Leslie and Jason Croxford experienced not only a life-time friendship being solidified but also an idea that has become reality.

What if there was a Team of people with like-minded goals and desires? What if these people connected often and focused on the root of Team Beachbody (relationships?). And what if anyone with a similar desire could become part of this family?

That is the reality of Team Allegiance. The above picture represents Team Beachbody Coaching at it’s finest. Coach Summit 2011 was on par if not better than the previous year, but most importantly, what was just a spark has become a blaze. This year more than half a dozen members of Team Allegiance came together and had the experience of a life-time.

Here is a sneak peak at how this Team of Beachbody Coaches comes together:


The title of this post implies that even if you are looking at becoming a Coach, this Team may not be for you. Notice we do not offer a way to sign up here on this site. Instead we are looking to connect, to learn more about who you are and what your goals are. Beachbody Coaching is a proven and very real opportunity, that is what it is. But Team Allegiance is more than just a Team looking to make money.

We are a Team looking to connect, to share, to learn, and to grow together.

If you feel you are ready for this opportunity right now DO NOT sign up yet! Use the form below and share more about you and your goals. What would you like to achieve as a Beachbody Coach? What program or supplements are you using or do you plan to use? What would being successful as a Beachbody Coach mean to you?

Team Allegiance is committed to sharing a greater message of health, wellness, and for some like you; helping others find a way to pay it forward and create an income at the same time. We want to make sure you are ready first and that you are right for the team.

Send a message and we will reply back within 24-48 hours to let you know if you are a fit for this Team.

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